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st: package -rewrite- available on ssc

From   Rosa Gini <>
Subject   st: package -rewrite- available on ssc
Date   Thu, 23 Jul 2009 14:25:09 +0200

dear stata users,

thanks to kit baum, a new package called -rewrite- is available from SSC.

-rewrite- copies the text file -modelfile- to -finalfile-. the difference with -copy- is that -modelfile- is not copied verbatim: -rewrite- performs macro substitution on -modelfile- using the values of global macros that are valid for the current Stata session.

-rewrite- automatizes the tip contained in

Gini, R. 2008. Stata tip 56: Writing parameterized text files. The Stata Journal 8(1): 134-136.


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