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st: Consequences of OLS with poisson distribution

From   Ronggui Huang <>
Subject   st: Consequences of OLS with poisson distribution
Date   Wed, 22 Jul 2009 00:20:51 +0800

Dear all,

Besides the facts that prediction of ols can be less than zero which
is impossible in Poisson distribution. I also know that the standard
error is inconsistent. But I cannot find reference on what is the
exact meaning of inconsistent. That is, is it upwards, downwards or it
depends? It seems it depends as it is from the fact that it is
essentially an issue of heterscedasticity, but I can not find
references. I try to convince my colleagues to use Poisson regression
rather then OLS. I appreciate your helps. Thank you.

HUANG Ronggui, Wincent
PhD Candidate
Dept of Public and Social Administration
City University of Hong Kong
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