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st: AW: Memory Issue in XP

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: AW: Memory Issue in XP
Date   Mon, 20 Jul 2009 19:36:35 +0200


Ever since I upgraded to new hardware, this issue is no longer with me.
Still, you could probably add some lines to your that would
automate the process when you start Stata. Note, though, that the space will
remain reserved for Stata, and is thus not available to any tasks running
simultaneously, although Stata may not always use the space that you
allocated so generously...


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[] Im Auftrag von BENJAMIN SCHWAB
Gesendet: Montag, 20. Juli 2009 19:26
Betreff: st: Memory Issue in XP

I'm encountering an issue with setting memory that I have not seen covered
by the large database FAQ or in the Statalist archives.  
When I open Stata and try the 'set mem xxxm' to a large memory allocation
(it seems as if it's anything over 500m), I sometimes get the r(909) error
saying ?op. sys. refuses to provide memory?.   The strange part, however, is
if I set the memory to a much smaller number, e.g. set mem 250m, and then
gradually raise the memory allocation, I can get up to and past the original
allocation that was originally refused.  
For example, today I did the following:

set mem 800m
op. sys. refuses to provide memory

set mem 250m

set mem 500m

set mem 800m
op. sys. refuses to provide memory

set mem 700m

set mem 800m

set mem 850m

I can't figure out why this occurs.  This can be a real pain for programming
purposes, since it's difficult to predict what exact memory allocations will
be accepted from day to day (I'm working with large datasets).  

I'm running Stata/SE 10.1 with XP SP3.  I'd love to hear the input of those
more familiar with the working of Stata.  Right now, I'm stumped.  

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