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st: Sample weights when combining different surveyes (NHANES)

From   Richard Palmer-Jones <>
Subject   st: Sample weights when combining different surveyes (NHANES)
Date   Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:52:35 +0100

Dear All

This is not strictly a Stata question, but I expect it is one that
several of you have or will come across.

I want to combing different rounds of the NHES, and NHANES surveys
from NCHS. Instructions are quite clear about which weights,
pseudo-psus and strata to use for the individual surveys (NHANES3),
and when combining different rounds of the continuous NHANES

My question is how to combine NHANES3 with the continuous NHANES, and,
further, how to combine NHES1,2 & 3, and NHANES1 & 2 with these later

All advice gratefuly recieved and duly acknowledged.

RIchard Palmer-Jones
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