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st: Out of Office notifications

From   Neil Shephard <>
Subject   st: Out of Office notifications
Date   Wed, 15 Jul 2009 10:30:08 +0100

I posted to the list yesterday and received six "Out of Office" notifications!

The Statalist FAQ (linked at the bottom of every post to the mailing
list) has very clear instructions with regards to automated "Out of
Office" under section 2.9...

"2.9 When you go on vacation

Some people use MS Outlook’s Out-of-office Assistant when they go on
vacation. Such replies to Statalist are an abuse of the list and an
irritation to members. Please unsubscribe when you go on vacation."

Its not just Outlook but many other email clients have the same
option.  Personally I never use such notifications, but if you must
then please either follow the advice on the FAQ or define certain
rules that mean that everything _but_ messages from Statalist are
responded to with your "Out of Office" notification (see for details under Outlook, for
other email clients please consult the appropriate documentation).

Personally I have filter rules set up to automatically trash anything
that contains "Out of Office" so its not much bother, but it is a bit
of a nuisance, and contravenes the guidelines in the FAQ.


Neil (who is no doubt going to receive another slew of "Out of Office"
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