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st: ivregress with cointegrated variables

From   "Podesta', Federico" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: ivregress with cointegrated variables
Date   Thu, 9 Jul 2009 16:53:58 +0200

Dear all,

I am using a panel dataset composed by 16 units observed over 21 time points. all variables measured as levels are affected by the non-stationarity problem. Accordingly, I have adopted mean group estimator (via xtpmg Stata module) for testing for co-integration. In particular I have used the following STATA syntax:

xtpmg d.y d.x1 d.x2, ec(ec) lr(l.y l.x1 l.x2) replace 

My results reveal that the variables tend to return to a long-run equilibrium. Nevertheless, x2 appears as a endogenous variable. Consequently. I would like to use IV estimator. However no Stata command allows to estimate IV regression with panel integrated processes. Consequently, I mean to run IV regression in a repeated cross-section framework. In particular I would use the following syntax

bys year: ivregress y x2 (x1= x3)

but I wonder whether it is correct estimate such repeated cross-section models when we have already obtained evidence about cointegration. In other words can I test for cointegration without use IV estimator, on the one hand, and estimate IV repeated cross-section models, on the other hand?
Thanks a lot in adavance for any your hel 


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