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st: dirtools updated on SSC

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: dirtools updated on SSC
Date   Wed, 08 Jul 2009 18:24:25 +0200


The package -dirtools- has been updated on SSC. It now offers some
functionality for LaTeX files (see description below). Type 

. adoupdate dirtools, update

to update the package, or 

. ssc install dirtools

to install the package.

The package now contain the new program -ltex- which lists all LaTeX
files in the working directory. Along with with the file names, the
program offers a list of click-able links for some typical tasks that
one wants to do for LaTeX files.

Specifically, ltex provides links for viewing, editing, and typesetting
each of the LaTeX files in the working directory. Typesetting the
LaTeX-file is done with the pdflatex, which produces PDF output. After
typesetting, the created file is opened immediately. 

Obviously, typesetting requires that LaTeX is installed  on your
computer, and opening the created PDF requires that a previewer for PDF
files is installed on the computer. By default, acrobat reader is
assumed but this can be changed. 

Note that LaTeX files produced by some Stata programs are often
incomplete in the sense that they don't have a preamble. Before
typesetting -ltex- therefore looks in the first 30 for something that
looks like a preamble. If not, -ltex- tries to run the file with a
minimal preamble, which sometimes works, and  sometimes not.

Many regards

030 25491-361

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