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st: finding max of several variables

From   "Data Analytics Corp." <>
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Subject   st: finding max of several variables
Date   Mon, 06 Jul 2009 12:32:29 -0400


I'm still new to Stata programming, so I hope someone can help with a simple problem. I have five variables that are probabilities estimated from mlogit: prob3, prob4, prob7, prob11, prob12, each with 734 cases. I want to find the max for each case using something like

max(prob3, prob4, prob7, prob11, prob12)

but then get the position in this list for that max for each case. In short, for case 1, if the max is prob4, I want to get 2; if it's prob11, I want 4; etc. I should have 734 positions of the max in the list. How can this be done? Any help is appreciated.




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