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st: AW: Adding vertical lines at variable positions

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: AW: Adding vertical lines at variable positions
Date   Fri, 3 Jul 2009 22:40:29 +0200


As has been said, a variable is not allowed as an argument to -xline-. And
yet, it does tolerate repeated use, as is apparent from - help
added_line_options, marker(remarks2)-. This tolerance does not extend to the
repeated use of commata. The comma really serves to separate options from
the main command, so use it only once!

I hope that the example below gets you closer to your final destination :-)

sysuse auto, clear

levelsof rep, loc(re)

loc gr ""

foreach lev of numlist `re'{
	loc gr `gr' (sc pr length if rep==`lev') 
	su len if rep==`lev', mean
	loc mean`lev' `r(mean)'

tw `gr', xli(`mean1', lcolor(green))/* 
 */  xli(`mean2', lcolor(blue))   /* 
 */  xli(`mean3', lcolor(gold))  /* 
 */  xli(`mean4', lcolor(red))  /* 
 */  xli(`mean5', lcolor(black))/* 
 */ legend(off)


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[] Im Auftrag von Ron Gutmark
Gesendet: Freitag, 3. Juli 2009 21:34
Betreff: st: Adding vertical lines at variable positions

I have a data set with ages and eye pressures.  I have the data points
that refer to pressure at a particular age labeled with different
colors (thanks to help from people on this list!!) depending on what
happened at a particular age (i.e. surgery, laser treatment, etc).
I have certain ages during which these interventions happened but I
don't have pressures for these ages, so I was trying to make colored
vertical lines at the ages missing pressures to represent what
happened at that age.  I am trying to use xline, but it does not seem
to be allowing me to use a variable to define where to place the line
and it gives me an error even when I use an arbitrary number.  Does
anyone know how to do this or what I am doing wrong? Below is the code
I am trying to use:

twoway (scatter pressure age if colorcode == "R", mcolor(red))
(scatter pressure age if colorcode == "Y", mcolor(yellow)) (scatter
pressure age if colorcode == "B", mcolor(blue)) (scatter pressure age
if colorcode == "K", mcolor(black)) if name == "Almj", (xline(age,
lcolor(yellow)) if colorcode == "Y"), (xline(age, lcolor(red)) if
colorcode == "R"), (xline(age, lcolor(blue)) if colorcode == "B")

Thanks in advance!

Ron Gutmark
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
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