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Re: st: Nearest distance (resend due to dropped text)

From   "David Torres" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: Nearest distance (resend due to dropped text)
Date   Thu, 2 Jul 2009 15:06:17 -0400

Mr. Nichols,

Thanks for your assistance.  I am not averse to wasting away my life at the
computer to get this work done.  LOL!  I am, however, not very much
interested in spending life after death working with ArcGIS when Stata can
handle the job more immediately.  I jest.

I'll try to be both clear and succinct.  Regarding your comment on my first
and second question in the previous post, what I need at this point is a
.dta file that in the end will look similar to the output your 2007 example
gave:  that is, I would like to display my centroid variables (the xy
coordinates and the nhgis gisjoin field) and its distance to nearest school
of each type/sector/control level.  This might have to be done for each
dataset separately, but ultimately I'd like to merge the eight years of data
into one .dta file.  As there are nine different school types and one
general school variable with all types combined, I should end up with 80
variables that show, for example, the distance to nearest postsec school
from each centroid for year 2000, or the distance to nearest proprietary
2-year school from each centroid for year 2005.

That is the basic file I need.  Ultimately, I want something like this
(there would be no blanks in the real data, of course):

idvar     gisjoin           state     distpub01     distpriv01    distprop01

1       G0101000000001       AK         10.34                        60.39
45999   G2603499490300       MI                                      16.63
63059   G4203939848847       TX          8.91

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