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st: Marginal Effects in Tobit

From   John Bunge <>
Subject   st: Marginal Effects in Tobit
Date   Sat, 30 May 2009 11:17:50 +0200

Dear All

I'd like to compute the marg. effects and its standard errors for the unconditional expect value in the tobit model. 

(1) the standard command "tobit" in combination with "mfx" does not offer the option to compute marginal effects for the UNCONDITIONAL expected value (in contrast to the marg eff on the expected value conditional on being uncensored and the marginal effect on the probability to be uncensored).
(2) the command "dprobit" is constantly reporting me an error: "[_se] not found"
(3) the command "dprobit2" computes the marginal effects but does not provide the standard errors (or at least its help file does not describe how to obtain them)


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