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Re: st: dates and Stata

From   "Keith Dear (home)" <>
Subject   Re: st: dates and Stata
Date   Sat, 30 May 2009 13:00:12 +1000

Maybe like this?

cap prog drop datecount
prog datecount
   args month day start end
   loc month=upper(substr("`month'",1,3))
   scalar datecount=0
   forval d=`=d(`start')'/`=d(`end')' {
       loc thismonth=upper(ltrim("`:di %dm `d''"))
if "`month'"=="`thismonth'" & `day'==day(`d') scalar datecount=datecount+1
   di as result datecount
datecount sept 15 28jan1997 17sep2002
datecount Feb 2  28jan1997 17sep2002
datecount february 29 28jan1997 17sep2002


Olexandr O. Vasetsky wrote:
Hi guys,

I am trying to calculate the number of certain day and month occurrences
between the two dates: e.g. calculating the number of September 15th's and
February 2nd's from 28-Jan-1997 to 17-Sept-2002.

any ideas will be appreciated

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