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st: Complex survey with only sampling weights

From   "[ISO-8859-1] Fernando Terrés" <>
Subject   st: Complex survey with only sampling weights
Date   Fri, 29 May 2009 12:50:30 +0200

I need to analyze an official survey, with data on 11,054 workers, were 
the sampling design is according to the survey company: 'multistage, 
stratified by clusters, with random selection of both PSU (602 
undisclosed municipalities), and secondary sampling units (undisclosed 
census sections), and the last sample units (workers) are selected by 
random routes and quotes'. They provide sampling weights that are (1681) 
unique values for each combination of gender (2), region (17), firm size 
(6), and economic activity (13).
My question is very simple: is this a probabilistic sampling design? I 
suspect that it is not, but I cast some doubts because the documentation 
disclosed by the official bureau that commissioned the survey clearly 
insists on using the weights (they present a word document tabulating 
them), that are the only sampling information included in the SPSS files 
that they provide (this reinforces my doubts, because I'm using Stata 
10, which correctly uses the sampling weights, while to my knowledge 
SPSS only uses frequency weights).
Thank you in advance,

Fernando Terres
Lecturer. PhD candidate
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Diagonal, 647 - 10
08028 Barcelona (Spain)

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