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Re: st: re: Is There a User-Written Command for Boosted Regression that is Mac Compatible?

From   Sergiy Radyakin <>
Subject   Re: st: re: Is There a User-Written Command for Boosted Regression that is Mac Compatible?
Date   Wed, 27 May 2009 19:40:23 -0400

> This is an illustration of why plugins are rather a pain -- the Stata
> Journal version won't run on Linux, Unix or 64-bit Windows, either.
> Kit Baum   |   Boston College Economics & DIW Berlin   |

2Kit: I think it depends on the perspective and the opposite
statement: "This is an illustration of why Macs are rather a pain" is
equally true. I can hardly think of any program that someone ported
from Mac to Win because there was no equivalent software in Windows,
while the reverse stream is endless. (I don't take QuickTime or iTunes
into account, as it is a proprietary file format limitation, not the
real demand force).

2David: If it is Intel based - you should be able to install Windows
on it, perhaps as a secondary OS to keep your current installation.
Having Intel CPU does not help much, because even the simpliest plugin
will probably request some resources (e.g. memory) at runtime from OS,
and it expects that OS understands the requests. So unless MacOs can
mimic Windows in every aspect of this sort (like some Linux
installations do, as I am told) there will remain an incompatibility.
So unless you really need smooth 256x256 icons and white keys on the
keyboard, perhaps it's better to stay with something more mainstream.

Microsoft claims that .Net products will work on Win and Mac machines
as long as an appropriate .Net-Framework is installed. (It is
Microsoft's response to the cross-platform portability) Unfortunatelly
Stata does not support it (while SPSS does):

Best regards,

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