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st: RE: AW: how to identify unique id variables within groups?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: AW: how to identify unique id variables within groups?
Date   Wed, 20 May 2009 12:46:34 +0100

This is not a good method in general. For example, it wouldn't work with string variables. Apart from -duplicates-, there are plenty more direct methods, such as that Maarten laid out. Here's another: 

bysort id var1 : gen different : var1[1] != var1[_N] 
list id var1 if different 


Martin Weiss

Just check whether the standard deviation of the variable in question differs from zero, then:


set obs 1000

gen id=_n
//10 periods
expand 10
bys id: gen time=_n
xtset id time

bys id: gen byte myvar=runiform()<0.3

//but not for some...
replace myvar=cond(runiform()<0.1, 0, 1)

//Check for uniqueness
bys id:egen groupsd=sd(myvar)

//get dummy for uniqueness
gen byte unique=groupsd==0
la def unique 0 "not unique" 1 "unique" 
la val unique unique
drop groupsd

l in 1/100, noo sepby(id)
xttab unique

Jia Xiangping

For a datafile like :
id                    var1

1			1
1			2
1			3
2			1
2			2
2  		        1

I expect to check whether the value of "var1" within one group of "id"
is unique -- i.e. in group 2, the values are not unique. For a
non-grouped datafile, syntax like -isid- or -duplicates- is able to do
the work. But none of them works when combining with -by-.  Is there
any approach to check the unique  value within groups?

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