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st: Test for homogeneity of odds ratios with ordinal data (r x 2)?

From   Mike Schmitt <>
Subject   st: Test for homogeneity of odds ratios with ordinal data (r x 2)?
Date   Tue, 19 May 2009 10:03:34 -0500

Greeting all,

I'm somewhat familiar with the Mantel-Haenszel test for homogeneity of
odds ratios for a 2 x 2 structure, however I'm currently working on a
project that is part of a randomized control trial, although the
outcome I'm looking at was not specifically targeted by the
intervention.  I want to ensure/check that the intervention did not
have an unexpected effect.  I have intervention(=1) and control(=0)
groups, an ordinal outcome measure(0 through 4), and several
dichotomous predictor variables.

For a 2 x 2, I could use:

"mhodds dep_var predict_var, by(intervention)"

However, I'm running into a wall with the ordinal dependent/outcome
measure.  I've found a few papers that speak of extending the
principles behind the MH test and another method using a proportional
odds model, however I do not possess the skill set to understand how
to implement this in Stata.  Does anyone have any pointers or possible
avenues for exploring this issue?  Thanks,

- Mike Schmitt
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