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Re: st: RE: Re: Class programming in stata.

From   Amadou DIALLO <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Re: Class programming in stata.
Date   Thu, 14 May 2009 16:52:21 +0300


It's not easy to explain what I am trying to achieve, since it's still
yet not very clear for myself (:-)). I am still working on the

Simply put, in my project I am trying to build a stata interface
(GUI). It's ok for dialog programming (I understand basic
programming). But the boxes need to be refreshed and updated
constantly and I found out that this is better achieve via class

Adept and dasp are two software built on stata that show how to
achieve this, but when I go through the codes, its way to complicated
to understand. Reason why I've asked if there is a quicker way to
learn simpler examples.

I will therefore stick onto examining the codes, but will spend more
time on this. Hopefully, the adept and dasp authors will also have
time to help on my project, provided they have some time to devote to

Here are the links:

Adept (Zurab et al.):,,print:Y~isCURL:Y~contentMDK:21336632~menuPK:4839104~pagePK:64168182~piPK:64168060~theSitePK:477894,00.html

Dasp (Araar AbdelKrim):

Warmest regards.


2009/5/14, Nick Cox <>:
> As I'm mentioned here, I will just underline that, as I implied on 8
> May, I've never used Stata class programming. I have sometimes found in
> the past that writing an article on something was a good way to learn
> about it, but writing anything on Stata class programming is not within
> my plans at all.
> More importantly, Amadou:
> What precisely are you trying to do with Stata class programming?
> What specific problems of understanding do you have?
> This thread doesn't seem to have touched on any of these details.
> (I don't what adept or dasp means here.)
> Nick
> Amadou DIALLO
> Nick, Marteen [presumably Maarten], many thanks for your answers. I wish
> someone with extended
> knowledge on the topic (Nick, Zurab, Araar, statacorp staff, ???) could
> write some tutorials on the subject. I need it to start a new project
> and I've realized that I need to go through class programming (as in
> the case of adept or dasp).
> As I said, I get really frustrated when I tried official stata's class
> programming examples (a search through the list shows me that this
> issue has been already raised and solved).
> It will be very useful if in their programming manuals, at StataCorp,
> they took practical examples and developped all the codes from scratch
> to end, as did Kit Baum in his books for mata programming (I've
> learned better mata programming with his book than the Mata official
> manual I've bought two years ago). I know there is the issue of the
> volume size, etc., but a manual is precisely there for that, isn't it?
> When I read in many stata manuals something like :
> program
> ...
> (the rest of your code continues here)
> ...
> end
> for my part is not very useful or appealling and can get the user
> quickly
> discouraged. This is certainly useful for advanced programmers who
> need to go straight to what they need, but we the beginners need more
> than that.
> This is only my opinion, maybe other users do not feel that way.
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