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st: COURSE: Multilevel & Longitudinal Modelling 23/24 June, London

From   Sophia Rabe-Hesketh <>
Subject   st: COURSE: Multilevel & Longitudinal Modelling 23/24 June, London
Date   Tue, 12 May 2009 11:59:48 -0700

Sophia Rabe-Hesketh and Anders Skrondal will teach
a one-day course on "Multilevel and Longitudinal Modelling"
in central London on 23 June, followed the next day
by an optional hands-on course using Stata.

See below for details.

Further information will soon be available at
Inquiries to: Sarah Patel,

Course 1: Multilevel and Longitudinal Modelling
23 June 2009, 10am-17:30pm
Institute of Education (near the British Museum)
20 Bedford Way (Main Building), WLE Center, Level 4

The course introduces models for clustered data, such as students
nested in schools, or repeated measures/panel waves nested in
subjects. We start with linear random-intercept models for
continuous responses before introducing random coefficients and
higher levels of nesting. Logistic random effects models for
dichotomous responses will be considered next. We will also briefly
discuss alternative approaches such as fixed-effects models and
generalized estimating equations. Examples will come from a variety
of disciplines including social science and medicine. This course
emphasizes understanding of multilevel and related models and
interpretation of parameter estimates, but does not teach any
particular software. Course participants should be familiar with
linear and logistic regression.

Course 2: Multilevel and Longitudinal Modelling using Stata
24 June 2009, 10am-16:00pm
Institute of Education (near the British Museum)
20 Bedford Way (Main Building), Computer Room 4, Level 4, core B

In this hands-on course in a computer lab, we show how to use Stata
to estimate the models discussed in the course on "Multilevel and
Longitudinal Modelling" (course 1). After we have introduced the
commands for a given model type, participants will do exercises with
different datasets, followed by a discussion of the solutions. The
estimation commands covered include xtreg, xtmixed, xtlogit, xtgee
and some gllamm. Some useful tools for data preparation,
post-estimation and graphics will also be discussed. The
prerequisite for this course is a basic knowledge of Stata and
having attended course 1.

The courses are organised by the ADMIN node (Institute of Education)
of the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods.

Course fees (per course), including lunch and coffee/tea:
£25 - For UK registered Students
£50 - For Staff from UK academic institutions, ESRC funded researchers
      and registered charity organisations
£195 - For all other participants

How to get there

Sophia Rabe-Hesketh (Berkeley and Institute of Education)
and Anders Skrondal (Norwegian Institute of Public Health)
have written several books and many papers and chapters on
these topics; see
They have taught successful courses on multilevel
and longitudinal modeling at the University of California at
Berkeley and the London School of Economics and many short-courses
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