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st: RE: Stata thinks files are read-only when they shouldn't be!

From   "Kieran McCaul" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Stata thinks files are read-only when they shouldn't be!
Date   Mon, 11 May 2009 05:43:09 +0800


I used to have problems likes this many years ago.  I would have been
using Windows XP or Windows 2000 in those days.
As I recall, whenever I copied files from a CD or DVD onto my disk drive
they would come across as read-only and, I think, if I copied a whole
folder of files across, the folder itself was also marked as read-only.
So that meant I couldn't write to the folder on disk.

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Subject: st: Stata thinks files are read-only when they shouldn't be!

Dear all, 
Sometimes when I run do files in which I try to save, replace or modify
a file in some way, Stata thinks that this file is read-only when it
shouldn't be. 
The problem I'm having right now is the following:
I am running a do file that contains a bunch of lines like:

foreach y of varlist happ job{ 
	regress `y' lrwage lrwager firm_l if female==1, cluster(unm)
estimates store Self0
	regress `y' lrwage lrwager firm_l firm_iqr if female==1,
cluster(unm)	estimates store Self1
        outreg2 lrwage lrwager firm_l firm_iqr [Self0 Self1 ...] using
myfile_`y', replace bdec(2) label nocons excel}

When I do the file, I notice that Stata shows in the display window the
results for all the regressions but when it reaches the outreg2 command,
it gives the following error:

file myfile_happ.txt is read-only; cannot be modified or erasedr(608);

And I get this error whether myfile_happ.txt exists in the directory or
not. Also, sometimes I only get this error for the SECOND time Stata
goes through the loop; that is, the first time it goes through and it
does save the file myfile_happ.txt but the second time it stops and it
fails to save the file myfile_job.txt!!! What do you think is going on??

Another thing that happens often -- but I'm not having this problem
right now -- is that I run a do file that contains a line such as:
save, replace
and it fails to save the file because it is apparently read-only. What
is even stranger is that some other times, it does go through and saves
the file normally. 
I have already verified that my folder where my files are in Windows is
not read-only, but that doesn't help.
I am running Stata 9 SE on Windows XP Pro... but I think I have also
seen this error when I've run my code on a different computer with Stata
10 SE.

Thank you very much!!!

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