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st: MCA (multiple correspondence analysis), identifying groups

From   Anna Reimondos <>
Subject   st: MCA (multiple correspondence analysis), identifying groups
Date   Fri, 8 May 2009 16:13:47 +1000

I have a survey dataset consisting of individual respondents and I
would like to group them into different distinct groups.
 I have read an article where the researchers had a similar dataset
and they used MCA (multiple correspondence analysis) to identify
distinct groups of respondents. The main variables which distinguish
respondents are their age, sex, marital status and presence of

I am using STATA 10 , and using the "mca" command I was plugged in my
variables (mca sex age_group marstatus children) and identified 3
dimensions on which I was able to identify 3 clear groupings of people
 (for example young unmarried people with no kids, older people with
non-resident kids , and single parents).
Now I would like to use these groupings in further analysis. So for
each respondent I would like a variable that says they are in group
1,2 or 3. I have tried reading the mca help files and looking online
but I cannot understand how to do this. Is there a special command
that is part of the mca command that does this, or do I need to do
this another way.
This is my first time using MCA so I hope this question is not too silly!

Thanks very much
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