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Re: st: St: Ordered Logit Question

From   Clive Nicholas <>
Subject   Re: st: St: Ordered Logit Question
Date   Fri, 8 May 2009 04:30:36 +0100

Jason Dean replied:
> Hi Clive, the reason why I don't pool both groups together is that the estimated cut point point paramters are much different for immigrants and the native-born. And you cannot interact them with an immigrant dummy in the ologit command. Thus it constrains them to be the same across groups. I find it makes a large difference, in terms of the results, between pooling them and running them separate. Is my thinking on this wrong?

The full reference to Jaccard's monograph was given in my original
reply, but it's given again with minor corrections:

Jaccard J (2001) "Interaction Effects In Logistic Regression", QASS
Series Paper 135, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Without knowing your data intimately, it's difficult for me to comment
further, other than to say that I was _not_ suggesting the inclusion
of an interaction term in your model, merely that a dummy variable
indicating your two discrete groups. Rich, however, has given you a
very detailed response that you may wish to consider fully.

Clive Nicholas

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