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st: Ado Packages for Retrivals of PSID, CNEF and GSOEP available on SSC

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Ado Packages for Retrivals of PSID, CNEF and GSOEP available on SSC
Date   Thu, 07 May 2009 10:23:02 +0200


Courtesy of Kit Baum, the ado-packages -soepuse- and
-psiduse- are available on SSC.

-soepuse- makes data retrivals from the German Socio Economic
Panel real easy, and -psiduse- makes data retrivals from the Panel Study
of Income Dynamics and the American part of the Cross National Panel
Equivalence File "real easy" -- or so I hope.

The -soepuse- program is not meant to be a competitor of John
Haisken-DeNews "PanelWhiz"  ( . It is merely an
update of two older programs of mine -mkdat- and -holrein- which have
been available since the days of Stata 4. In comparison to PanelWhiz, my
programs provide a very limited functionality. However, I have realized
that the programs still had some friends. As debugging the olde Stata 4
code has become quite cumbersome, 
I have decided to update the programs using Stata 10 syntax. As these
updates allow a simplified user input I gave them new names.

Power users of the GSOEP are likely to be better of with PanelWhiz. On
the plus side of -soepuse- is that it works for all flavours of Stata,

Note that, as it stands, PanelWhiz does not support retrivals from the
PSID. Therefore all users of the PSID might find -psiduse- helpful. 


. ssc install soepusue

to install the -soepuse- package.


. ssc install psiduse

to install the -psiduse- package

Many regards

PS: I like to thank my colleagues Martin Ehlert, Jan Paul Heisig, and
Anke Radenacker from the DFG project "The economic consequences of key
life events in Germany and the United States and their evolution since
1980" for bug-reports and feature wishes. 

030 25491-361

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