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st: Re: genralized Poisson

Subject   st: Re: genralized Poisson
Date   Sun, 03 May 2009 13:06:35 -0400

I get the Digest, not the regular Statalist, and just happened to see your query about the generalized Poisson

See my Negative Binomial Regression, pages 154-158 - it is devoted entirely to the Generalized Poisson. Note though that the top equation in page 155 should be amended so that the square on the first term should be a y, and the (1+alpha*mu)^(y-1) of the second term should have a y instead of a mu. Other than that, all is OK.

There is also a good discussion of the Generalized Poisson in Hardin and Hilbe (2007),
Generalized Linear Models and Extensions, Stata Press, page 239-241.

Both sources should help, examples are given in both places. If you have specific question, feel free to ask me
directly at

Best,  Joseph Hilbe

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