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st: RE: Re: re: counter variable

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Re: re: counter variable
Date   Sat, 2 May 2009 17:18:31 +0100

If the data have been -tsset id schlyr- and -tsspell- has been
downloaded from SSC then 

tsspell, fcond(newprinc == 1) 

is enough. This creates three new variables, of which _seq is the
counter desired. 


Martin Weiss

You have to hand it to all contributors here, though, that this is not
everyday, apply-bysort-straightforwardly-and-look-at-Nick`s-column- 
in -the-SJ-carefully problem (see The fact
you want this thing sorted, but not counted, by schoolyear and counted,
not sorted, by the new dummy, makes this quite involved, and despite my
effort, I cannot find a one liner for it that does not make extensive
of -cond-. So kudos to Eva for her two liner :-)

"Kit Baum" <>

><> T suggested
>  g newvar = 1 if new_prc==1
>  bys Id (schlyr): replace newvar = newvar[_n-1]+1 if newvar !=1
> This sounds to me like a generally bad idea. The first statement just 
> changes the new_prc zero values into missing values. The second
> relies upon the fact that missing is a value not equal to 1.  Although
> logic works, I think Eva's suggested approach is a better  way to
> about a problem like this (although I deplore her  reliance on -set 
> varabbrev on-, which is IMHO a Very Bad Idea).

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