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RE: st: Programming stata using egen functions

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Programming stata using egen functions
Date   Tue, 28 Apr 2009 18:51:12 +0100

At the simplest, there are two generic problems in this thread: 

1. Those people who are attending and know more Stata than you do don't understand what you are trying to do. 

2. You don't know enough Stata to do what you want without help. 

These problems don't cancel. 

Several points have been made already and I don't think that you have paid attention to them all. I won't repeat any here but will add another: 

It appears that you want to compare results in a list, to get the maximum or whatever. You won't do that _inside_ your loops, as your double loop just produces one result at a time. If your comparison makes sense, then you probably need to move it outside your loops. 


Anne Resende

Thanks a lot for all answers!!
Just to clarify some points:
I understood that the egen functions rowmax() and rowtotal() did not 
accept scalar. So in line 9 I substitute `scalar’ for `local’ hoping 
that rowmax() could now recognize the varlist. But stata returns de 
same error message. I need the rowmax() function to returns the maximum 
values between the varilist. (the maximum values within each `s’)

So I have tried:
program mymean, rclass
  1.   syntax [varlist] [if]
  2.   tokenize "`varlist'"
  3.   forvalues s=9(1)20 {
  4.   forvalues sp=9(1)`s' {
  5.         qui summarize `1' if `sp'==u
  6.         local mean1_`s'`sp' =r(mean)
  7.         qui sum `1' if u==8
  8.         local mean2_`s'`sp' =r(mean)
  9.           local m_`s'`sp'=`mean1_`s'`sp'' + ((`mean1_`s'`sp'' - 
 10.         tempvar exem_`s' P_`s' ep_`s' ep2_`s'
 11.        qui egen `exem_`s''=rowmax(m_`s'`sp')       
 12.        qui gen `P_`s''=sum(P) if `s'==u & id==1
 13.        qui sum `P_`s'', meanonly
 14.        local P1_`s'=r(max)
 15.          scalar ep_`s'=exem2_`s'*`P1_`s'' 
 16.        qui egen `ep2_`s''=rowtotal(ep_`s')
 17.          return scalar eq2=`ep2_`s''    
 18. }
 19. }
 20. end

end of do-file
. mymean loghw
variable m_99 not found

1) I understand the differences between egen sum( )and stata fuctions 
sum(), but neither gives me what I need. I intend to use rowtotal() 
because it sums the observations on the rows not on the columns as egen 
sum() and sum() do.

2) Sorry about:  return scalar eq29=rowtotal(ep_`s') that I wrote in 
the other email.. I know that it’s wrong

3)What is my aim? As I told I need to end up with one variable in order 
to run the bootstrap. 
I want to the create the program mymean and then run: bootstrap r(eq2), 
reps(#) seed(#)  : mymean loghw  (I am following the idea on:

4)I think that I cannot use a do.file because I will end up with a 
constant (I also tried) and so I could not run the bootstrap. Creating 
and ado file the program allows me to use the boots after.

So all I want to do is to write a program to calculate my statistics of 
interest and then apply the bootstrap. And my problem is how I can 
construct a varlist in order to run my program using rowmax() and 
rowtotal(). Or maybe there is another way to do that without having to 
use rowmax() and rowtotal() functions.
I hope that is clearer now,

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