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st: Svy: tab with three variables question

From   "Adebola Odunlami" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Svy: tab with three variables question
Date   Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:11:53 -0400


I am relatively new to stata and I have a few related questions. I want to get proportion of units that answered a question( variable name = psysymps) by thier gender(sex) and race (race3cat) after I survey set the data. I tried "bysort race3cat: tab psysymps sex, row col chi2"  but then realized the percentages were off and I needed to use svy commands. I then tried "svy: tab racet3cat sex, tab (psysymps) row se ci" but got a response that the table contains 0 in the marginals and therefore statsitics cannot be computed. I realized that one of the race categories (e.g. White) was not asked the question. So I created a new race category ("blackethn) that sets Whites to missing and others to either 1 or 2. Then I proceeded with my primary objective to see proportions of 'psysymps' by race and sex and tried "svy: tab blackethn sex, tab (psysymps) row se ci". This gave me the table below.

My questions are: 1) must I always svy set before each code e.g svy: tab instead of just tab?; 2) was it okay to set Whites to missing as they were not asked this question and I dont want them counted as a denominator in my proportion?; 3) the table below still does not give me tabs of my variable by race and sex. how do I do this? Instead the table gave me---of those who answered yes to psysymps, what proportion of race/blackethn =1 were men and what prop were women? I would like to know how to code to get----what proportion of race/blackethn==1 men answered 'yes' to psysymps, compared to race/blackethn== 1 female (and also the proportion of race/blackethn ==2 men that answered yes to to psysymps, compared to race/blackethn== 2 female and associated chi2) 

Number of strata   =        41                  Number of obs      =      5191
Number of PSUs     =        88                  Population size    = 3061.3339
                                                Design df          =        47

          |                   rs sex                   
blackethn |          male         female          Total
        1 |         .4019          .5981              1
          |       (.0248)        (.0248)               
          | [.3532,.4526]  [.5474,.6468]               
        2 |         .5338          .4662              1
          |       (.0579)        (.0579)               
          | [.4176,.6465]  [.3535,.5824]               
    Total |         .4101          .5899              1
          |       (.0235)        (.0235)               
          | [.3638,.4581]  [.5419,.6362]               
  Tabulated variable:  psysymps

  Key:  row proportions
        (linearized standard errors of row proportions)
        [95% confidence intervals for row proportions]

    Uncorrected   chi2(1)         =   21.8483
    Design-based  F(1, 47)        =    4.6397     P = 0.0364

Thanks so much in advance for your time

Adebola Odunlami, MPH
Doctoral Student
Society, Human Development and Health
Harvard School of Public Health
301 256 4655
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