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Re: st: Postestimation procedures multiple data sets

From   Richard Williams <>
To   "" <>, "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Postestimation procedures multiple data sets
Date   Sun, 26 Apr 2009 22:30:19 -0500

At 09:03 PM 4/26/2009, wrote:
Dear All,

I performed an ice command that generated 5-data sets (each n =
3,300). I followed up with a mim run (regress). I am using Stata 10. I
read the ice and mim command help files. It appears to me that I
cannot obtain an R^2 value for the overall mim run. It also seems to
me that I cannot perform any multivariate diagnostics for assumption
violations on that run of the data. Is this correct? I appreciate any
help. Thank you.

For diagnostic tests, I wonder how horrible it would be if you ran them on the original data set, or else on one (or even all 5) of the imputed data sets. My guess is that in most instances, the diagnostic test doesn't have to be exactly right; it just has to put you in the ballpark so you know if you need to tinker with your analysis further.

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