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Re: st: multilevel analysis

From   Andi Kopf <>
Subject   Re: st: multilevel analysis
Date   Sat, 25 Apr 2009 17:36:02 +0200

I was thinking about producing some graphs to get closer to the meanings,
so I tried to produce three graphs (one for normal regression, one for the xtmixed slopes and one for the xtmixed intercepts),
and after that I would like to combine them.

So, for the normal regression graph I tried to collect information about the intercept and the slope
using statsby command:
statsby inter=_b(_cons) slope=_b(intrinsicJC), by(countries) clear: ///
reg JS intrinsicJC

Stata told me that _b is unknown command!

But the command at all should work, as reported from my professor...

What's wrong?

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