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Re: st: sample adjustment by substitution instead of weighting

From   Dirk Enzmann <>
Subject   Re: st: sample adjustment by substitution instead of weighting
Date   Sat, 25 Apr 2009 12:59:26 +0200


They don't use probability weights: They simply randomly delete some cases of strata that are overrepresented and substitute them by randomly duplicating cases of strata that are underrpresented (here the term strata does not refer to the population but subgroups of the sample!). Afterwards they analyse their modified sample without any weights (duplicating some cases serves as a substitute to weighting).

I know, this sounds silly, but I simply would like to know whether this is actually practice in some fields or where this has been advocated or discussed.

Steve from: wrote:

> Ways of randomly selecting a sample so that estimates from it match
> population characteristics are covered in Tille' (2006, Chapter 8).
> The method you describe is not one of them.  How do the people who
> advocate it propose to construct the probability weights?
> Tillé, Y. (2006). Sampling algorithms (Springer series in
> statistics). New York: Springer.

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