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st: RE: varlist not allowed in xi3

From   Philip Ender <>
Subject   st: RE: varlist not allowed in xi3
Date   Fri, 24 Apr 2009 08:56:13 -0700

On April 24, 2009 Dan Waldo wrote:

Dear list members,

I am trying to test the nested interactions of 4 variables (n, a, g,
and s) on the depvar drg_wgt using xi3 and glm.

Stata tells me the following:

. xi3: glm drg_wgt i.n*i.a*i.g i.a*i.g*i.s [pweight=weight] , f(gamma)
i.n               _In_0-2             (naturally coded; _In_0 omitted)
i.a               _Ia_0-65            (naturally coded; _Ia_45 omitted)
i.g               _Ig_1-2             (naturally coded; _Ig_1 omitted)
i.s               _Is_1-7             (naturally coded; _Is_4 omitted)
varlist not allowed

The code works with a 3-way term and a 2-way term, but not with 2
3-way terms. Stata should be disregarding the duplicate
2-way interactions; all 4 explanatory variables are numeric (byte);
and the drg_wgt is a floating-point number. What am I
missing? (What worries me is that I thought this same code had run
back in January, and this now casts doubt on my memory
of other events in that month.)


I ran the following -glm- model with f, m, and s having two level and
p having 3 levels on a windows machine running Stata/SE 10.1.

. xi3: glm y i.f*i.m*i.s  i.m*i.s*i.p [pw=w], f(gamma}

The model ran with no errors although with my data the results made no
sense.  So, I'm not sure what's different about your
situation that is causing the problem.

Phil Ender
Statistical Consulting Group
UCLA  Academic Technology Services
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