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st: Multilevel models using multiple imputed data

From   Nailing Xia <>
Subject   st: Multilevel models using multiple imputed data
Date   Mon, 20 Apr 2009 17:12:47 -0400


I am estimating a multilevel model using -xtmixed-, and the dataset I
use is from multiple imputation procedure using -ice-. I use -mim- for
estimation, and the output does not give the log restricted-likelihood
ratio (which is typically shown in -xtmixed- output when not using
-mim-). Actually, I can find the log restricted-likelihood ratio for
each imputation (i.e., I used 10 imputations, and hence 10 log
restricted-likelihood ratios), but how can I obtain an overall log
restricted-likelihood ratio? Is there any issues for using the average
of the log restricted-likelihood ratio of each imputation?

Thanks much!
Nailing Xia
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