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Re: general -adoupdate- issue [was: st: xtabond2 update issue]

From (William Gould, StataCorp LP)
Subject   Re: general -adoupdate- issue [was: st: xtabond2 update issue]
Date   Tue, 14 Apr 2009 15:24:29 -0500

Michael Hanson <> reports, 

> I am seeing this issue today with -adoupdate-, as both -xtabond2- and  
> -texdoc- are perpetually listed as needing updates on my computer.   
> [...]

I have just duplicated the problem with xtabond2 and tracked down the

There is a slight inconsistency between two files at SSC.  

The xtabond2 package the server delivers contains a distribution date of
20090331 while the server thinks the distribution date is 20090408.
Thus, -adoupdate- thinks there's a more recent version of -xtabond2-.
-adoupdate- downloads this more recent version, that file has a distribution
date of 20090331, -adoupdate- does not notice the inconsistency, and then the
next time -adoupdate- runs, -adoupdate- once again thinks it sees a more
recent version of the file because the server says, I've got one from
20090408 but delivers on dated 20090331.

I assume the same problem is occurring with texdoc, but I did not trace
it down.

I've written to Kit Baum about the problem.

As Kit is about to have to spend time tracking down the problem on his end,
now would probably be a good time to mention how much we all appreciate his
efforts.  By the way, Kit, should you decide this is my problem and 
not yours, write to me privately.  No reason to air problems in public, 

-- Bill
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