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Re: st: What wrong with this ML model command?

From   "Glenn Goldsmith" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: What wrong with this ML model command?
Date   Thu, 9 Apr 2009 14:43:56 +0100

Hi Quang,

It looks like a problem with your MLkt0_1 function. You often get this sort
of error if you try to use an undefined local macro as a name. Using -set
trace on- before running the command should allow you to identify the



Quang Nguyen <> wrote:

Dear All,

I had a program called MLkt0_1 to estimate three parameters alpha,
lamda, and gamma. However, as I rum the following command:

ml model lf MLkt0_1 (alpha: choiceA  p_a0  p_a1  p_b0  p_b1  y_a0
y_a1  y_b0 y_b1 =) (lamda:) (gamma:), cluster(id) maximize

There's message saying that "," is not a valid name. Do you know what
may cause this?

Many thanks!

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