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st: How to show the total in stacked bars charts ?

From   Michael Rusinek <>
Subject   st: How to show the total in stacked bars charts ?
Date   Thu, 9 Apr 2009 11:24:17 +0200

The following data show the contributions of wages and
(1/productivity) to the growth of the wage share:

			Growth rate
Wages			10%
(1/Productivity) 		-5%
Total: Wage share		5%

I draw a stacked bar chart with Wages and (1/Productivity) as the y
variables. I obtain a graph with a positive bar of 10% and a negative
bar of -5%.
But I also want to show the total, i.e. the growth of the wage share,
which is 5%.
When the contributions to the total are both positive, there is no
need to show the total: it's just the height of the two bars. But when
the contributions have opposite signs, the total is not the sum of the
two bar's heights. So one need to visually see the total.
If I consider Wage share as a y variable like wages and
(1/Productivity), it will add another bar over the two previous ones.
Is it possible, for example, to draw separately a normal bar chart
with the growth of wage share and to superpose it on the stacked bar
chart? If not, is there another solution ?

Many thanks,

Michael Rusinek
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