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st: Multinomial probit with repeated choices

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Subject   st: Multinomial probit with repeated choices
Date   Wed, 8 Apr 2009 12:49:34 +0100

I conducted a survey where I asked people to make a choice out of a set
of 4 choices (labelled 1-4 but they ar not ordinal, I need to use
multinomial options) if the price was 5p.  I then asked them to make the
same choice if it was 1p and then if it was 20p.  I want to use the
choice as the dependant variable with the price and various other
demographic and opinion variables acting as independent variables.  This
seems like a panel with three 'time' periods (3 different prices) but no
variable other than price and choice vary over the three observations.
I am somewhat confused as to how to run this regression as there seems a
variety of options but I haven't found an example quite like this one
and I am worried that I may be incorrectly applying them.  Any advice as
to the correct model would be a great help.

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