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st: Re: texdoc

From   Janet Hill <>
Subject   st: Re: texdoc
Date   Fri, 3 Apr 2009 14:58:27 +0000 (GMT)

I have found texdoc very useful - many thanks Ben. 

I have a problem in trying to write a label to the output. When I run this do file:

texdoc init plotweave, replace
        tex \documentclass{article}
        tex \usepackage{stata}
        tex \usepackage{graphicx}
        tex \begin{document}
forvalues i==1/4{
	texdoc stlog
	di "`: label (site) `i''"
	tab goc if site==`i' & ogc==1
	texdoc stlog close
	spineplot ogc goc if site==`i' & ogc==1
	graph export plot`i'.eps,replace
	tex \includegraphics{plot`i'}
        tex \end{document}
        texdoc close

The values of label (site) display on screen but do not appear in the Latex output (everything else is there).
Is there a way of getting them into the output (assuming that I have not made a syntax blunder). I am using Stata 10 and led to read the Latex



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