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st: Adding variables not in the coefficients for outreg2 or estout

From   A G <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Adding variables not in the coefficients for outreg2 or estout
Date   Mon, 2 Feb 2009 21:32:58 -0500

I am currently running several stepwise regressions with many explanatory variables. 
Stepwise drops different variables in each regression which causes for me a problem in presenting a neat table at the end with all the variables in the order that I want them. I would like to have all the variables in the table, in the order in which I have put them in the regression.
The ideal table would look like this (hope the formating will work)
                           Model1   Model2
Group of variables 1   
   Var1                                 x  
   Var2                     x
   Var3                     x           x
   Var5                                 x
   Var6                      x
For outreg2, used keep(var1 ...var6) to no avail (meaning only the variables that were estimated are included in the table).
For estout, I get "coefficient var1 not found". 
I am currently tricking outreg2 into keeping all the variables by running a regression first in the order that I want, compiling all regressions and with the intention of deleting the first column at the end. No idea how to add "Group1"-type rows (addnote does not do that in outreg2).
Any help would be appreciated.
Apologies if this has been discussed. Searched group|order and outreg2|estout and was not able to find anything. Using stata 10.1 on windows xp platform. 
Thank you in advance.
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