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AW: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   AW: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]
Date   Sun, 1 Feb 2009 20:41:37 +0100

Re abbreviations, I received a private message with pretty much the same
thrust as Kit`s and Michael`s. A few months ago, Svend Juul posted about
this issue and there was no clear decision as to the acceptability or
non-acceptability of abbreviations. I have only been bitten once by them
(and it was immediately obvious to me), but if a clear majority of
Statalisters objected to this pratice, then that would give me food for
thought :-)

BTW, how come I a) have never heard of this autocompletion thing in the
command window b) do not quite get the "YMMV" thing? 


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Gesendet: Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009 20:35
Betreff: Re: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]

On Feb 1, 2009, at 2:05 PM, Kit Baum wrote:

> I deplore the use of abbreviated variable names in posted examples.  
> IMHO -set varabbrev on- is a terrible idea (whether or not it is  
> the official default*), and examples should run with it off.

I concur.  For new, inexperienced, and/or occasional users, having - 
varabbrev on- is (in my experience teaching with Stata) a recipe for  
avoidable confusion, errors and lost time.  I'd like to join Kit and  
encourage those who post examples to Statalist -- particularly  
examples aimed at less-than-power users -- to avoid variable name  

Use of the [Tab] key for variable name completion in the Command  
window largely mitigates any benefits from -varabbrev on-, in my  
experience.  YMMV.

Hope this helps,

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