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Re: st: -box graph- how to extend blue frame under x axis

From (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp)
Subject   Re: st: -box graph- how to extend blue frame under x axis
Date   Tue, 30 Dec 2008 10:40:32 -0600

Cathy Antonakos" <> is having trouble with axis labels that
have been placed on a 45-degree angle:

> I'm using the -graph box- command with the -over- suboption,
> something like this:
> . graph box crowd, over(newlocn, label(angle(45)))
> However, the bottom of the graph is clipped, so the labels along the
> x-axis (identifying the group associated with each box) appear
> truncated in Stata. If I copy and paste the graph into Word, the
> labels appear, but they extend beyond the light blue fram e at the
> bottom of the graph.

I am surprised to hear this, and I can't reproduce it.  -graph- is supposed to
be smart enough to extend the height of an X axis to accommodate long tick
labels that have been placed on an angle.  (It is not smart enough to extend
the width, but my solution below can also remedy that shortcoming.)  Perhaps
Cathy has some unusual characters in her labels or is using a font that is
giving -graph- difficulty.  If Cathy will send me her data and graph command,
I will be happy to look into it further.

Regardless, we can get Cathy what she needs by extending the graph's bottom
margin.  Cathy should add the option -graphregion(margin(b=20))- to the graph
command, and then tune the value "20" until the graph looks right to her.  If
the text is also extending off the left of the graph then she should also
adjust the left margin with the option -graphregion(margin(l=15 b=20))-.
Again, adjust the value "15" to taste.

-- Vince

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