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st: -box graph- how to extend blue frame under x axis

From   "Cathy L. Antonakos" <>
Subject   st: -box graph- how to extend blue frame under x axis
Date   Mon, 29 Dec 2008 21:37:26 -0500 (EST)

I'm using the -graph box- command with the -over- suboption, something like this:

graph box crowd, over(newlocn, label(angle(45)))

However, the bottom of the graph is clipped, so the labels along the x-axis (identifying the group associated with each box) appear truncated in Stata. If I copy and paste the graph into Word, the labels appear, but they extend beyond the light blue frame at the bottom of the graph.

If the labels are not placed at an angle, they fit within the blue frame under the x-axis, but they overlap and are not legible.

Is there a way to extend the blue frame around the graph, creating a wider blue border at the bottom of the graph so the labels will be enclosed within it? (I did try making the frame white, but there are stray details in the graph that look odd without the blue frame.)

I'm ultimately trying to prepare this graph in .pdf or .eps format for publication.

Thanks for your help!

Cathy Antonakos

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