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Re: st: re: combined Correlationmatrix Pearson and Spearman + LaTeX output

From   René Geppert <>
Subject   Re: st: re: combined Correlationmatrix Pearson and Spearman + LaTeX output
Date   Wed, 17 Dec 2008 14:47:24 +0100

Sorry for the hasty question.
After giving myself another 5 minutes to read your response I again, I got it all working perfectly.

Still there's one question left to the code: How can I determine the number of decimals the coefficients shall be rounded to?
(pw)corr and spearman do not seem to explicitly provide for such an option.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for the nice result.

regards, R. Geppert

René Geppert schrieb:
Sorry for the late answer Mr. Baum,

but could you (or someone else) give me an example of thie code using a dataset such as: .sysuse auto ?
I cannot get it working for some reason.

regards, R. Geppert

Kit Baum schrieb:
< >
René said

Is there a way to do pairwise Pearson AND Spearman Correlations in a
single matrix, such as Pearson in the lower left and Spearman in the
upper right traingle of the matrix?
Provided, that is even possible. Is there a nice way to ouput such a
correlation matrix to LaTeX?

The following requires -outtable- from SSC (ssc install outtable)

capt prog drop corrmat
*! corrmat CFB 2008dec09
prog corrmat
version 10.1
syntax varlist(numeric) using/
qui spearman `varlist', pw
tempname c
mat `c' = r(Rho)
local k: word count `varlist'
forv i = 2/`k' {
    local f: word `i' of `varlist'
    forv j = 1/`=`i'-1' {
        local s: word `j' of `varlist'
        qui corr `f' `s'
        mat `c'[`i', `j'] = r(rho)
outtable using `using', mat(`c') replace format(%9.4f)
di _n "Spearman/Pearson correlations written to `using'.tex" _n

Stupidly, -pwcorr- returns nothing useful in its return list---merely the correlation of the last variable with itself, which is predictably unity. Thus regular -corr- is used here, invoked pairwise to avoid listwise deletion due to missing values.

To test,

sysuse auto
corrmat price mpg rep78 using testcorrmat
type testcorrmat.tex

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics and DIW Berlin
An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata:

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