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st: Profile likelihood

From   "Katia Bobulova" <>
Subject   st: Profile likelihood
Date   Mon, 15 Dec 2008 19:05:28 +0100

Dear all,I would like to use the method of profile likelihoods to
maximize my model.My full maximum likelihood model is the
following:program define trinomversion 10.0args lnf a d m etempvar eh
mmu ma me mdquietly gen double `eh'=0.5*`e'quietly gen double
`mmu'=1-`m'quietly gen double `ma'=1-`a'quietly gen double
`me'=1-`e'quietly gen double `md'=1-`d'quietly replace
(`a')*(`md')*((((`mmu') *(`eh'))^bo)*(((`mmu')
*(`eh')+(`m'))^so)*(((`mmu')*(`me'))^nt))+ (`ma')*(( (`eh')^bo)*(
(`eh')^so)*( (`me')^nt))endml model lf trinom (a:) (d:) (m:)(e:)ml
search ml maximize, difficultNow I would like to impose the values of
two parameters, for example a and d, in order to estimate the other
two, using the perform likelihoods.I read the example for the negative
binomial distribution, but I am not able to understand how modify my
model.Could you please help me?Thank you very much.Katia
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