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Re: st: Multiple imputation showing missing values during imputation

From   "Michael I. Lichter" <>
Subject   Re: st: Multiple imputation showing missing values during imputation
Date   Tue, 09 Dec 2008 15:23:41 -0500


I suspect that you haven't gotten any responses because your question is (or appears to be) very specific to your data, but you don't say much about the specifics of your data. It might be helpful to describe the variables involved and the constraints you are putting on the imputed data using the -interval- option to -ice-.

Here's a stab in the dark, though. Is it possible that one or more of your interval variables are missing for two cases in which your variable redlun5 is missing as well? If not, can you at least identify the two cases for which -ice- is failing to make an imputation and see if there is anything unusual about those cases' values on the other variables in the imputation?


Nailing Xia wrote:

I am using -ice- for multiple imputation, and during the imputation
process, Stata shows that values for several imputed variables that
should have been imputed in previous cycle are actually missing. The
actual error message reads as: "I found that 2 missing value(s) of
redlun5 that should have been
imputed were missing at cycle 2. Replacing value(s) with mean, dumping
current data to file _ice_dump.dta and continuing."

Anyone knows what seems to cause this problem? By the way, this
problem did not exist when I imputed without using the -interval-
option. But I checked my code for -interval- option, and it seems

Many thanks!
Nailing Xia
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