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RE: st: RE: Formatting a twoway graph with different scaled y axes

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Formatting a twoway graph with different scaled y axes
Date   Mon, 8 Dec 2008 20:14:46 -0000

Other postings have overtaken this. 

I read your post as 6 observations for each quarter. 

It seems you mean 6 observations, one at each quarter, which would be easier. 

The word "each" is treacherous, even to native English speakers, or people in the USA. 


René Geppert

Here you go.

var1   var2    Quarter
.485    28.37    1
.637    25.14    2
1.131  24.62    3
1.364  19.57    4
1.526  3.94      5
1.791  3.56      6

Nick Cox schrieb:
> Please give a minimal example of a relevant dataset. 
> Nick 
> René Geppert
> I am using Stata/SE 10 for Windows.
> I generated a graph using the following (simplified) code:
> . twoway (bar var1 Quarter, yaxis(1) yscale(range(0))) (line var2 
> Quarter, yaxis(2) )
> I do so in order to obtain two y-axes (left and right hand side) with a 
> different scale. To format the graph properly I experienced two problems:
> a) Both axes start at their minimum values, which I can fix for the left 
> hand side y-axis using yscale(range(0)), which does not work for the 
> right hand side y-axis for some reason. Why is that and how can I 
> achieve the same effect there?
> b) var 1 and var 2 have 6 observations (at each instance of Quarter). 
> How can I get a label at each instance in the graph for the line and bar 
> plot, respectively? That is, show the observation values for example 
> inside each bar and above the line. The blabel option which one can 
> usually use in a bar graph does not work in the twoway bar version.

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