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Re: st: tips on reading large matrix from ASCII file?

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: tips on reading large matrix from ASCII file?
Date   Wed, 03 Dec 2008 09:31:20 -0500

I'm using an undocumented (pre-release 64-bit version)
of HLM6 which I assume uses restricted ML (I'll have to
check with Richard Congdon).

Using a single integration point (ie, Laplace iteration)
for -xtmelogit-, the empty model took 2hours 2 mins to

I suppose the -xtmelogit- result is more accurate, esp
in estimating the variance terms, but for my purposes
- especially until I have a final set of models - the HLM
results will do.

I think the problem is low rates for my outcome variables,
on the order of 5% or less.


Joseph Coveney wrote:
Just curious: what algorithm are you having HLM use to fit the mixed effects logistic model? Could you get the same accuracy in the same run time with a
single integration point with -xtmelogit-?

Joseph Coveney

Jeph Herrin wrote:

Two things:

1. I ran the empty model (no predictors) using -xtmelogit-
   and it was still going after 24 hours. I have dozens of models
   to run; HLM6 did them *all* in less than 20 minutes.
   Not sure if that counts as functionality.

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