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Re: st: SELMLOG - error messages

From   "Joao Ricardo F. Lima" <>
Subject   Re: st: SELMLOG - error messages
Date   Mon, 1 Dec 2008 15:20:24 -0300

Dear Hendrik,

the problem is that your var dep in the main equation does not have
missing values.
Like I don´t have better data, I will use this below with
transformations, oks. The important is that it works, not if make

***********begin example********
webuse sysdsn3, clear
rename age income
replace income = . if insure != 1
selmlog income nonwhite, select(insure=male nonwhite) showmlogit lee
selmlog income nonwhite, select(insure=male nonwhite) boot(50) lee
*********end example****************


Joao Lima

2008/11/28 Van Broekhuizen, H, Mnr <> <>:
> Hi
> I am currently writing my honours thesis and would like to execute the SEMLOG function is Stata.
> However, when I do Stata reports the message: "Beware: the mlogit step uses observations that have missing values in the main equation"
> Despite this message, Stata still proceeds to produce the mlogit output.
> However, Stata then reports the message: "Non-missing values of dependent variable for more than one outcome"
> And does not proceed to produce the output w.r.t the corrected main regression.
> I would appreciate it if anyone could clarify these error messages for me.  What's wrong with my regression?
> Hendrik van Broekhuizen
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Joao Ricardo Lima, D.Sc.
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