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Re: st: problem with delimit ; and // comenting

From   Gary Longton <>
Subject   Re: st: problem with delimit ; and // comenting
Date   Sun, 30 Nov 2008 22:37:05 -0800

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This question appeared more recently on the list than 2004, and was addressed there by Joseph Coveney:

Briefly, it involves understanding both (1) that ; is not a line delimiter but a command delimiter, and (2) that the comment delmiter, //, is terminated by the end of the line.

- Gary

mario fiorini wrote:
Dear all, if I use a delimiter ; to end my lines a following comment line beginning with // has to be preceded by a space, otherwise Stata will return an error message. By searching the Statalist I found another user reporting this problem back in 2004, see so I was a bit puzzled that Stata 10 (my version) has not fixed it yet and does not even indicate it in the comment HELP. Is this a bug or is there a way to get around the problem?

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