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Re: st: Conditional multinomial logistic regression

Subject   Re: st: Conditional multinomial logistic regression
Date   Sat, 15 Nov 2008 10:06:41 +0100

-mclest- (from STB-56) fits multinomial conditional logistic models (Breen, 1994) 

Breen, Richard. (1994). "Individual Level Models for Mobility Tables and
Other Cross-Classifications." Sociological Methods & Research 33:

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At 02.33 14/11/2008 -0500, "Elizabeth Allred" wrote:
>I've used clogit (conditional [fixed-effects] logistic regression but it only deals with a binary dependent variable. Now I have a dependent variable with 3 levels. Mlogit (multinomial logistic regression) handles that but doesn't it doesn't do for the fixed effects. How can I do condtional multinomial logistic?? 

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