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Re: st: Stata Journal 8:3

From   Nick Cox <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata Journal 8:3
Date   Tue, 23 Sep 2008 08:29:48 -0500

Many thanks on behalf of the Stata Journal Editors to Kit for continuing 
to make information on the Stata Journal visible in this extra way.

As new people are always joining the list, let me underline two further 

1. Regardless of whether you or your institution subscribe, the software
published in the Journal is available to all to download (modulo some 
firewall that may exist in your case).


. net from

to see what is available.

(no title)

DIRECTORIES you could -net cd- to:
     ..                Other Stata Journals

PACKAGES you could -net describe-:
     dm0037            Creating print-ready tables in Stata
     dm0038            A Stata utility for merging cross-country data
                       from multiple sources
     pr0041            Correlation with confidence intervals
     st0123_1          Update: Maximum likelihood and two-step estimation
                       of an ordered-probit selection model
     st0140_1          Update: Fuzzy set creation, testing, and reduction
     st0148            Semiparametric analysis of case-control genetic
                       data in the presence of environmental factors
     st0149            Implementing Double Robust Estimators of Causal
     st0150            A STATA Package for the Estimation of the
                       Dose-Response Function through Adjustment for the
                       Generalized Propensity Score

2. Under the 3-year moving wall, the articles for Stata Journal 5:3 
(2005) are now visible to all with internet access:

Naturally all papers in Stata Journal 1:1 through 5:2 and the Stata 
Technical Bulletin remain visible too.

Joe Newton, Nick Cox
Editors, Stata Journal

Kit Baum wrote:
> < >
> Annotated listings of the contents of Stata Journal, Vol. 8 No. 3, are 
> now available at
> and
> Kit
> Research Papers in Economics (RePEc)
> *
> *   For searches and help try:
> *
> *
> *

*   For searches and help try:

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