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Re: st: missing standard errors with single sampling units-help

From   Steven Samuels <>
Subject   Re: st: missing standard errors with single sampling units-help
Date   Wed, 10 Sep 2008 21:08:28 -0400

Adbola, you misunderstand the error message. You must combine adjacent strata, not adjacent sampling units. As Joao stated, you must -svyset- your data. You have not shown us the -svyset- command. And, look at -svydes-. You have, in your second listing, asked for final stage units, but the error is really an error for first stage units, the default shown by -svydes-, if you do not give the "finalstage" option.

See the email message that Joao referred to for another suggestion besides combining strata. If you do not show us exactly what you typed (starting from -svyset- and -svydes- )and exactly what Stata responded, we cannot give you much help. (see the Statalist FAQ, especially section 3). If you are unsure of the survey concepts, then consult Sharon Lohr's book "Sampling: Design and Analysis", Duxbury Books. At Harvard, Professor Alan Zaslavsky in the Medical School is an excellent resource.


On Sep 10, 2008, at 1:35 PM, Joao Ricardo F. Lima wrote:

Dear Adebola,

see this Stevenīs message:

Do you svyset your data again with the new stratum variable?

I think that you can use idonepsu to do this too...

help idonepsu

Hope this helps,

Joao Lima

2008/9/10 Adebola Odunlami <>:
Hi all,

I am seeking help to a problem with trying to get appropriate numbers for my standard errors.

So here's the problem. When I used weights to assess means of a variable, mpsyall6nodrm
by race( I have 3 categories), I don't get any standard errors for my means. Instead I get a message, stating "missing
standard errors for weighted sample because of stratum with single sampling unit." Someone told me to try to see which stratum has a single sampling unit in hopes of combining them. I found 5 single sampling units, combined them with ones preceding them but this still doesn't fix the problem when I check it again. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this?

svydes mpsyall6nodrm
gen jhumka = clust
recode jhumka (29 = 30) (31= 32) (46 = 47) (88 = 89) (91 = 90)
svydes mpsyall6nodrm, finalstage

Adebola Odunlami, MPH
Doctoral Student
Society, Human Development and Health
Harvard School of Public Health
301 256 4655
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